WOW, it has already been one year!!!

My sweet little boy is about to turn two! I can not believe it!!! It was just yesterday that we celebrated his first birthday. While i am in throws of planning his second birthday party, i couldn't help my self from reminiscing his first. It was a red, turquoise and white party with monkeys as the theme! Stuffed monkeys were the favors. (thank you target). The cupcakes, banana shaped cookies, and cake were fantastic and cute-too-boot (thank you to Foster Street Bakery)! I made the cupcake toppers and decorations (So... fun). Nana allowed us to use her home for the party. Again HUGE thank you to my mother in law for allowing us to take over her home! My favorite people (minus a few) all gathered in one place to celebrate my favorite little boys’ birth! I love you Herreson and have had such a great two years!!! I look forward to MANY more!