A Barbie Car and a Shirt

The past several years my mother has been giving me boxes filled with things from my childhood. It’s always fun to go through them and reminisce. Recently, one of these boxes was full of my old barbie dolls. Unlike my two sisters, I was a HUGE barbie fan. I would play with them for hours. I remember taking random items and incorporating them into my barbie wonderland. The tiny plastic cup used in the Lords Supper became a trashcan (I am sorry Lord, the irony in this deserves its own post).  This little white piece used to support the center of a pizza box became a side table. What an imagination children can have!

I had many store bought items as well.  One of the items in this box was a car I remember playing with. I brought it out for Herreson because it really is a cool car, and I figured we could add it to his collection. It sure stands out from all the others; decorated in pink and teal with some lovely tassel fringe.  Am I wrong in letting him play with a Barbie Car?  I think not.  If that’s a problem then I forbid little girls from wearing camo and the color blue. Such contradictions we have at times. 

He did not play with it very long, but below are some images of the car and his interpretation.

I love the farmer that is driving. “Just where are you taking Skipper, and will you be able to see where you are going?”



My best friend, Rachel, made Herreson two adorable shirts for his birthday! He wore this one to mother's day out the other day. I wanted to show some images of it to you. Rachel we love it and love you!!!