Future Family

Over the past six Sundays, our church, has been having an amazing series called "Future Family". This series has encouraged and challenged us tremendously. Yesterdays sermon ended the series and man oh man was it good. I have always believed that what we do NOW will roll over into the lives of others (even for years to come). As a mom I so badly desire to leave a legacy of Christ IN me. I want my children to remember me as a women who loved the Lord, all her days, and as result loved others in the same way. I want my faith to intersect my life. I want my children's children to be impacted by my life. NOT for my glory BUT for the glory of the Lord. I want my life to point towards the Christ who saves and loves fiercely. The Christ that shows mercy and grants peace. I want my family to be a reflection of our Lord. This is my desire and i fail a LOT but praise God for the grace that covers my mistakes and sin. I encourage you all to take some time and listen/watch the sermons. You wont be sad that you did and maybe, just maybe, we can all have the Future Families that point to the Savior! He can make it happen! : ) 

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