September and October... finally!

Long time no see ;). These past two months have been a blur. Fun, but a blur. We celebrated three birthdays, spent the weekend with a college roomie and participated in the Color Run, Celebrated Halloween and attended a church function on the farm. Oh yeah, in between all that i had oral surgery and both my boys got really sick. We are all recouping and ready for the month of November. I am posting several shots and know that you have been warned, their are MANY! Enjoy!


September is a big month in our families. Several celebrate birthdays. Robbie and his brother Chris actually share a birthday. Isn't that fun! One story that my mother-in-law tells is when Chris was a little boy he said "if someone was going to share a birthday with him then it better be a boy." ;) We celebrated at the Lake this year together. It was a great day!

We participated in our first Color Run as a fam. It was a lot of fun. Robbie, being the engineer that he is, made the amazing cover to guard our boys from the pelts of color thrown our way. Boys did great and i think they had some fun too! After the race we made our way to the Battelship. 

I love this picture!

I think this would have been my quarters on the boat. So cool!!!

I thought this was interesting. 


This is our tiny pumpkin. I believe that pumpkin carving takes tremendous skill, one that i do not have. 

The crew

yoda ALWAYS on the go. 

I dressed up with my boys this year. This is pretty much the only picture i have with them. 


This past weekend we attended an event that our Church hosts every year. We packed up and headed out to Aplin Farms. Robbie had to work so my sweet mother-in-law went in his place instead. Such a wonderful time. We have gone every year since Herreson was born. It is one of my favorite fall traditions. 

Hello beautiful light!


THE END... for now ;)