24 Day Challenge Journal Entry 1

So here goes.... I am overweight. There, i said it!. Im not sure why its hard for me to say it "out loud." I guess subconsciously I think that nobody will notice (really, Lindsay !?). If you have known me for some time you would know that I have not always been this size.  When I was first married I was in the best shape of my life. Because I was a single woman who had the time and desire to stay in shape.  Eight years and two kids later, I am now the heaviest I have ever been. It did not happen over night.  Less time, less sleep, less motivation, and bad habits landed me where I am today. So here I am. Not wanting to be in pictures, not feeling good in my clothes, not having much energy, not wanting to go to the pool, beach, lake etc. because heaven forbid I have to wear a swimsuit! The weight effects a large portion of my life. And I am tired of it all! It is time for a change!

So, what am I going to do about it? I have chosen to participate in The 24 Day Challenge. Why? Because I have several friends who have participated in it and have had tremendous results. I need a jump start into what I hope will be a long-term change in my life. Will I fail? Well I'm not perfect, but I'm going to give it my best shot.  I know that this challenge will need to be followed with a complete lifestyle change. For goodness sakes I've done it before and I can do it again. So if you are curious about my progress, please stop in from time to time. I plan to makes frequent entries. 


Day 1 of The Cleanse Phase - 

My product arrived at my door this wed and i started this morning. I feel great! Today has been a lot easier than i thought it would be. I took measurements and weighed myself. NO i am not going to post those. I am not that brave ; )! I will, however, post total lost as it happens. I also took pictures. 

Day one Down!
















PS - Below are the most recent posts available for some weird reason. I have not blogged in some time, BUT the posts past 2011 have magically disappeared. SAD : (