Birthday Parties of the Past.

I am starting to plan Graylins first birthday party. That is crazy!!! I love planning parties. While thinking of this one i can not help but think of Herresons first birthday party ( four years ago, wow that's sad ) and all the others. Ive decided to post images of all of Herresons parties. 

First Birthday Party / Monkey Theme

So much fun planning my first babies first birthday party. Party favors where cute stuffed animal monkeys that i found at Target for an incredible buy ( score ). I made cup cake toppers and had banana shaped cookies. Such a great day for one sweet little boy. I can not believe it has been four years!!!

Second Birthday / Crayola themed

Herreson loved to color and his first color to say was "geen". We had a large cake that looked like a green crayon. All foods where color theme and i made name plates to go along side. I had everyone take part in a painting that is now hanging in H's room. Everyone had a canvas to paint and we had body paint and colored bubbles. The favors where crayons in the shape of letters that spelled the name of each child at party ( again, i made these )I also made a photo booth that looked like a crayon box. So fun!

Third Birthday Party / Bowling

Herreson was really into bowling this year. I was very pregnant and very sick so not a ton of things to show for this one : ) 

Fourth Birthday Party / Clone Wars

Herreson LOVES some Star Wars and Clone Wars. We made light sabers with pool noodles. All foods were labeled. This day was soooo cold and windy. Not many pictures were taken, at least by me. I was too busy making sure food was not flying away and that children were not freezing. It was still a great party and H had a wonderful time.