First Day of K4

My little man started K4 this year. I can not believe his is already this old. Time sure has flown! Thankfully, Robbie was off this day and we both got to go with him to his first day. He is loving school and his wonderful teachers.

breakfast of champions ; )

We have officially entered this stage. He no longer will stand "normal" for pictures. He always does these silly faces. I don't mind. It is him after all. 

We also ran into one of our sweet cousins. Andrew started 3P this year. 

Gray loves taking H to school. 

Sweet Mrs. Canady walking us to class : )

Second day!

More silliness : ) 

Sorry for the picture overload. I tell my story through pictures. Be thankful for that because I think I slept through all my English and Grammar classes ; ) . Seriously though, I am amazed at how time flies and know that one day I will be taking pictures of his first day in High School. Lord, please help me to cherish every moment I have with my Herreson, even the good and hard times. Help me to keep perspective and to love on him ( and take tons of pictures ) as long as he will let me. AMEN!