The 24 Day Challenge , Challenge


So most of you all have heard me talk about it and you've seen my results, now its your turn! I am hosting a group 24 Day Challenge. What will this include? Why do it as a group? Great questions ; ) 

Doing it as a group allows for accountability, sharing recipes, motivation and exercise ideas. I will also be having once a week meetings to all participants. I will share how to use the product as well as great recipes and simply to be there for motivation and to answer any questions any time ( i will also be available by phone always ). That's right! Hands on coaching from a Distributor who has completed a challenge herself and is continuing to use products and loosing weight!

So... If you’ve been feeling tired, want to take off those extra pounds, or want to go from feeling good to feeling great, join us! I PROMISE you will not regret it!!! 

The groups challenge, challenge will start September 23rd. If you are ready to order you can order here or you can contact me and i will help you order it! We need at least 6 to sign on so tell your mommas and your pappas and your sisters and your brothers and tell your friends. The first three to sign up will receive this oh so amazing blender bottle that is wonderful for mixing spark and meal replacement shakes. 



So... what are you weighting for? You will not regret it!!!